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Get Your Credit Score at Your Finger Tips

Your credit score affects every aspect of your financial life – from loan rates to cost of insurance. Yet, according to a survey by, more than 50% of American adults haven’t checked their credit scores or reports in the last 6 months, and 18% admitted that they’ve NEVER checked their score or report.

Your credit score is used by lenders to determine whether to loan you money and at what rate. Basically, the better your score, the more you save. Well likewise, your credit report shows financial activity associated with your name. If you’re not checking them regularly, you won’t find out that someone has stolen your identity until it’s too late.

That’s why we’re making it easier to monitor your credit score AND credit report by offering 24/7 access to them FOR FREE when you log into Online Banking and our Mobile Banking App. You’ll be able to:

Track your score

Stay in tune with your credit score with a refreshed number daily. Get regular updates with your new score and see why it’s changed over time. You can even monitor how your score compares to the average within your ZIP code! You also have access to free monthly credit reports through TransUnion.

See what impacts your score

Find out what influences your credit score and how you can improve it with customized tips.

Stay in the know with notifications

You have the option to receive emails alerting you if something big ever happens. Whether your score takes a hit or shows a new account opening — we’ll notify you.

Protect your identity

By checking your score regularly, you’ll be able to detect suspicious activity early before it has a chance to really do harm to your finances.

Opportunities to save

You also have access to pre-qualified offers within the app that tell you based upon your credit standing, what your rate and monthly payment would be for personalized loans.

Now you can get more from your money with the Mobile Banking App! Get to know your credit score and log in reguarly. If you are new to Mobile Banking, download the app for iPhone or Android today!

Not a member?

If you want to have access to your credit score at your fingertips, talk to Member Services and open a checking account at the credit union today!

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