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Fresh Start Speaker Series: Enhancing Your Credit Score

Everyone has a relationship with credit. Your score is kind of like your financial report card, evaluating your “creditworthiness” and can be the defining factor in your ability to purchase a home or new car.

In the latest installment of our Fresh Start: Speaker Series, Barbara Davis, a Credit Analyst with West Community Credit Union, will discuss the importance of your credit report, what makes up your score and the different ways to improve it.

Thursday, May 15, 2014
6:30pm (registration starts at 6:15)
2345 S. Brentwood
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All of our seminars are FREE, open to the public and strictly educational. Join us as we explore these hot topics in financial and consumer needs. We hope they are beneficial to you in whatever financial endeavors you have planned this year or in the future.

Can’t make it to the seminars? We’re going to live tweet the whole thing! Follow along with:

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