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8 Ways to Save & Lighten Your Carbon Footprint

Happy Earth Day! As a financial institution, our greatest contribution is informing you on how to live financially sustainable. Check out our guide for 8 ways to cut back, save money and lighten your carbon footprint:

1. Sign up for eStatements. Getting a paper statement in the mail is so 2000 and late. eStatements are faster, safer and it’s super easy to sign up. We also have eStatements for credit cards.


2. Eat clean and local. Contrary to convincing packaging, not all labels are created equal. Lisa Freeman, editor in chief of ShopSmart magazine, says that the “grass-fed” label on meat is meaningless, but you are encouraged to buy USDA-certified organic meats, poultry and dairy products. Farmer’s markets are a great way to go for fresh and local produce. Try signing up for a CO-OP or CSA.

3. Utilize online bill pay. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that paper bills use hundreds of gallons of fuel each year! With Bill PayXL, you’ll save on postage and can set up handy automatic payments and reminders.

4.Unplug! Turn off the lights, the computer, the T.V. and the phone. Enjoy the company of friends without these distractions. According to financial advisors, turning off electronics for 18 hours each day could save you $131 over the course of a year.

5. Start a Garden. According to a study by the  National Gardening Association, $70 worth of plantings yields $530-worth of produce. That’s a 650% profit! See our Gardening 101 board for tips on improving your green thumb.

6. Make monetary transactions from a phone. Not only can you monitor your accounts from our mobile app, but with PopMoney, you can make payments or pay your rent without writing a check. Not to mention Remote Check Deposit where you can deposit checks to West Community!

7. Make a green budget. If you want to clean up your lifestyle, there are immediate changes that will allow you to afford living in a way that promotes sustainability. We offer a free account aggregate called uni$ource that allows you to monitor all your finances in one place as well as create a budget and track your spending. Take a look at your current habits and pick out ones that are wasteful. Cut back your spending in those areas first — the money you save can be used to support habits that are healthier for you and for the earth.

8. Convenience. Make sure to take full advantage of the CO-OP system.You never have to waste gas to visit West Community. With three convenient locationsCO-OP Shared Branching and CO-OP ATMs, we are never too far away.

How do you save while trying to stay Earth friendly? Let us know in the comments!

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