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WCCU Employees Dish Their Frugal Valentine’s

“In the past, my kids have made me gifts like knitted scarves, dinners, cakes, cookies, bath & body homemade items and chore coupons. They are older now, and I would still prefer these over any gift cards.” – Cathy, MSC (O’Fallon)

“Valentine’s day doesn’t need to be a big production. Instead of waiting in long lines and paying inflated costs, we make dinner together. Afterwards, curl up on the couch and watch a movie.”
– Laura, MSC (Brentwood)

“Do a potluck with your closest “couple” friends or family. Everyone can pitch in different parts of the meal. When giving presents to each other, agree to only spend a certain amount. Make it a contest and if either of you go over the limit, you have to clean the bathroom for a week!”
– Jessica, MSC Contact Center (O’Fallon)

“Have a cook-off where you make each other dinner while listening to all your favorite songs that remind you of special times together.”
– Jennifer, Senior Administrative Assistant (O’Fallon)

“Celebrate a day or two later so you’re able to catch everything on discount. You can catch prearranged flowers at 15% off!”
– Rita, Loan Document Specialist (O’Fallon)

“My husband always seems to be out of town for Valentine’s day (and our anniversary!), but he always makes up for it by doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen, taking care of me when I’m sick, and vacuuming. Stuff like this is more important to me than overpriced dinner and flowers. Although the man knows the importance of having flowers delivered to work instead of the house – extra points when you receive stuff in front of people!”
– Barb, Imaging (Brentwood)

“My husband and I run the Truffle Shuffle in St. Peters every year. I wear my (REAL) wedding dress, and he wears a fake tux I made. At the end of the race, they have medals made of chocolate, and there’s also an awesome chocolate fountain with all kinds of dippables. It may defeat the purpose of running 4 miles, but we have fun trying to beat each other every year. No flowers, just pure adrenaline.”
– Ashley, Graphic Designer (O’Fallon)

“Discover the city! Spend the day visiting local landmarks and museums. Depending on the weather, go ice skating and bring a thermos of hot chocolate. Yum!”
– Barbara, Credit Analyst (O’Fallon)

“I’ve been buying my flowers at whole price since college. Go to Walter Knoll Florist in St. Louis. This is where most of the florists in the metro area buy their flowers. You have to cut them down yourself because they aren’t prepped, but it’s totally worth it for the savings. This is also a great place to go if you are planning a wedding!”
– Matt, MSC (Brentwood)

Now, it’s your turn! Tell us how you have saved on Valentine’s day in the comments.

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