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When is Refinancing Right for You?


Currently, two-thirds of mortgage applications in the United States are from people wanting to change the terms of their mortgages. This means they may be looking to get a better interest rate, lower their monthly payment, or pay their house off sooner.

If you’re  interested in finding out more, then join us at our Fresh Start Speaker Series on February 20 at 6:30pm where Mortgage Specialist, Lisa Boaz, explains The Basics of Refinancing Your Home.  We will also hear from Home Appraiser, Zack Rhodes, on what appraisers look for & what updates will increase your home’s value. RSVP now!

All of our seminars are FREE, open to the public and strictly educational. Join us as we explore these hot topics in financial and consumer needs. We hope they are beneficial to you in whatever financial endeavors you have planned this year or in the future.

Can’t make it to the seminars? We’re going to live tweet the whole thing! Follow along with:Speaker-webpage_01_09

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