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February Financial To-Dos


Oh January 2014, we hardly knew ye! How are those resolutions holding up? Did you know that most don’t make it past January 21st? No worries. Our February to-do list is so simple, it can be completed in the first weekend. From gearing up for tax season to the holiday of hearts, we’ll lead you back on the track to financial fitness. Now let’s get re-motivated!

Plan Valentine’s Day Strategy
Before the 14th roles around, make sure you glance at your budget before setting any plans. Maybe you have a significant other, kids (and their classmates), grandkids, or teachers to think about. If you’re going to spend a little more in the “gifts” category of your budget, make sure that you’re cutting back appropriately in other areas of spending. Be sure to check out our Valentine’s Pinterest board for wallet friendly ideas and fun DIYs.

Re-evaluate and adjust your budget
The first month of the new year is over. How did you do with your new budget from January to-dos? Were you overzealous in your calculations? Compare your spending to what you thought you would spend and make the appropriate adjustments. We recommend doing this every month in order to account for your spending and saving needs. If you find yourself going over-budget, maybe it’s time to start making cuts.

Coordinate Your Tax Forms
We’re not talking about last year’s taxes that you’ll be filing in a couple of months. Now is the time to create a safe place to keep the necessary paperwork for next year. Start a 2014 Taxes folder to organize all your records this year. Make a list of any charitable donations, save receipts of itemized deductions, and stash any tax forms that get mailed immediately into your new folder. Keep the folder current, and you’ll be the master of taxes come April 2015!

Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet
Give your cabinets a once over. Start tossing out expired and empty bottles. If you have old prescriptions that were from a year ago and don’t remember why they were prescribed, get rid of them. If you’re feeling inspired, expand your mission to your make-up drawers and personal care items. Here’s to a healthier new year!

See, that wasn’t so bad. If you’re new to the blog, get caught up on January’s financial to-do’s and let us know how you’re doing in the comments. Good luck keeping that wallet fit!

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  1. Chris Chris

    We always celebrate Valentine’s the next day because I can’t stand to spend the outrageous price increases for flowers just for a day. Plus if you get flowers from Lowes that you can plant in your yard, they last all of spring instead of the end of the week.

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